Tonight! The Fabulous Jenee Halstead!

If you don't believe me that a free concert by Jenee Halstead in a small intimate space is a special treat, just listen to what the critics have to say.... "It's Halstead's voice that makes The River Grace stand out. She treads in Alison Krauss/Patty Griffin territory with vocals that ache, whisper, and resonate,” says a review by Minor 7th. Or how 'bout this one from On Tap Review, "The River Grace may well be the first movements of a rising star.” And then there's this from Northeast Performer magazine, “Halstead has been compared to such greats as Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin. Her sound carries the dusty spirit of old country folk but with a modern, young and fast-pasted twist." So be there tonight or be four equal sides of a geometric shape. 6:00 - 7:30 in the gallery backyard. Oh yeah, there's also beer, hot chocolate and cookies. Convinced yet? Make a reservation! (401) 245-7174.

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Wendy Papagan said...

Oh Leigh, wish I lived closer. Would have loved to hear her. I love Patty Griffin. Hope it went well!