Sarah Symes

What might look like an abstract painting is actually a textile piece. Sarah Symes' gorgeous artwork instantly attracted me for its color, boldness and meticulous craft. What I love about it, as well, is the way it forces you to move your body. The large size (this particular piece being 33"x44") causes you to step back and take in the whole work, while the intricacy of the fabric and stitching draws you in close. Sarah lays down swatches of fabric the way a painter would take a palette knife and smear a hunk of paint on canvas. Where the painter would vary their brushstroke with peaks and valleys, Sarah varies her fabric, from the repetitive ridges of corduroy to the smooth shininess of silk. In some pieces she uses zigzag and haphazard stitching the way someone would create lines and marks with a pencil. Sarah lives in Los Angeles and is "fascinated by the elemental beauty of California's west coast, finding inspiration in the ever-changing beach landscape." She was recently profiled in Quilting Arts Magazine and won the Best of Show prize at the Los Angeles Art Association last year. For more information about Sarah Symes work please contact YES Gallery + Studio at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com or call (401) 245-7174.

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