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In the business of visual arts we like to stimulate your eyes, so...

Photos of the GORGEOUS Happiness/Harmony Exhibition here, and the opening reception for it here. (Please forgive the quality. Halogen lights and digital camera do not mix well apparently.)

If you see anything you like and want more info, feel free to call us at (401) 245-7174 or send some words to yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.

How 'Bout some Japanese Short Films this Friday Night?

If you got the show postcard, this will jog your memory about tomorrow night's event. If you didn't get the show postcard we gotta get you on the mailing list! (You can enter your email to the right for e-postcards, or email us with your address if you prefer hard copy.) As you know 5% of our exhibition proceeds go to non-profits. This time around we're supporting Flicker Arts Collaborative who are responsible for bringing us the very prestigious and cool Rhode Island International Film Festival. Tomorrow night the gallery is hosting a "You Be The Judge Film Night" where participants will screen some Japanese short film entries into the '09 Festival and help decide if they'll make the cut. (Oh, the power you'll wield!) The event is from 7-8:30 p.m., is free and will probably include some kind of sugary snack. Here's the catch - we have limited seating, so reservations are required. As of this blog post we've got about 5 seats left. Soooo R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P!! Call us at (401) 245-7174 or email at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.


Happiness/Harmony opens this Friday!

I debated whether or not Happiness/Harmony was too trite for a show title, but I just couldn't stop thinking about Kana Ito's artist statement which mentions the word happiness no less than four times in its opening paragraph. In it she says, "The most important thing is happiness. Happiness is all around us, but some can see it and some cannot," and this reminded me that the simplest things are often the most profound. I love Kana's work. It DOES make me happy. I'm thrilled to have it in the gallery and honored that we're the only gallery in the states to carry her. Along with Kana's paintings, we'll be showing the work of some amazing artists including Beth Ozarow, Megan Hinton, Kathrine Lovell, Doug Desjardins, Leah Giberson, Deborah Baronas, Rick Reese, Meighan Morrison, Cynthia Guild, Bryan Nash Gill, Rachel Austin, Chantelle Goldthwaite and more. Hope to see you Friday night Jan 16th for the opening reception from 6:00 to 8:30. For more info call us at (401) 245-7174 or by email at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.

"Meadowlands" by Kathrine Lovell

"From Above" by Beth Ozarow

"Maybe" by Rick Reese


On Vacation until January 14th!

The gallery is closed this week for some deep cleaning, repainting, etc etc. We will reopen on Wednesday January 14th. Mark your calendars for Happiness/Harmony, opening with a reception on Friday 1/16 from 6-8:30 p.m. See you then!