Great things are afoot at YES with another gorgeous exhibition, running June 6 - 27 with a reception tonight from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Featuring YES Artists exploring the theme Nature/Nurture and its many interpretations. I love Cynthia Consentino's ceramic sculptures which are dark, humorous and just ridiculously well-crafted. Kathrine Lovell's magnolias are straight up masterful. Then there's Jessica Gonacha's "Feed the Birds" piece which I find just plain intriguing and lovely. Rachel Austin's map pieces are popular as always. (Got one for myself this time around.) We've also got some awesome guest artists including the coveted Amy Rice who sent along "Olivia and Olivia's Mom," Jill Bliss's groovy ink drawings of houses, and Holly Murray's bee-inspired gold and oil paintings (like the one below of the queens bee's reproductive organs.) Finally, as with all YES exhibits, 5% of the proceeds go to a non-profit. This time we're helping out the awesome Manton Avenue Project, which is a local version of the 52nd Street Theater. For more information about "Nature/Nurture" please call (401) 245-7174 or visit www.yesgalleryandstudio.com.

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