Kana Ito

I feel so blessed to have Kana Ito's paintings here as YES is the only gallery in the states to have Kana's work! She lives in Tokyo, where she's had many solo shows and won several awards for her work. Her sense of color is thrilling, and her subject matter is playful, yet thoughtful. Kana's artist statement is one of my favorites, reminding me of my other favorite Japanese artist. Here's an excerpt: "I paint from my unconscious, but the forms and mood come from things I have seen. I put characters like animals in my paintings. Maybe they are me. I paint many characters, and they are just who they are – not more and not less. They don't shout, “I'm here!” But certainly they are there. I put peace into my paintings. It is an everyday peace, the kind that comes from eating a good meal, seeing a beautiful view, hearing a good story, meeting a kind person. My paintings have all of me. The color and form are me. Painting is as natural to me as breathing or eating. And when people see my paintings, I hope they feel happiness." For more information about Kana Ito's work conact YES Gallery + Studio at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com or call (401) 245-7174.

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