Bryan Nash Gill

I'm thrilled to exhibit the work of nationally-acclaimed artist Bryan Nash Gill. As evidenced by his beautiful woodblock prints and wood engravings Bryan is passionate about nature, specifically trees. He spends much time in the woods by his Connecticut home connecting to the source of his inspiration. Expressing his deep love for the process of finding just the right materials, Bryan marvels at the "memory" of bark and the "energy" of the changing New England landscape. His simple, elegant compostions reflect a deeper sense of poetry and meditation. In an interview published in Art New England (Dec/Jan 2002) he says, "A piece is good if it gets to that edge of sensual phenomenon, gets you outside of yourself - to that place where you say, something is happening here." For more information about Bryan Nash Gill's work contact YES Gallery + Studio at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.

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