Macy Chadwick

Macy Chadwick and I go way back to middle school. I'm happy (and quite envious) to report she has always had not only a keen eye for art and design, but the ability to execute her ideas with ease and grace. Since the good old days of Archie R. Cole Macy's made quite a name for herself in the book arts world. (In fact I had to tell her after a recent Google search that she just might be famous.) So besides the fact that we're old pals, I'm honored to exhibit work by such an esteemed artist. Macy collaborated with artist Lisa Onstad on this gorgeous letterpress book "Aggregate Memory," and also several framed prints based on the book itself. Of the book Macy says "Lisa’s experience in painting contributed greatly to the colors in the book. This limited edition artists’ book contains images and text inspired by the complexity of memory. When returning to a favorite place, the past and present converge to form a cluster of memories." For more information about Macy Chadwick's work please contact YES Gallery + Studio at (401) 245-7174 or yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.


Birds, Bunnies, and an Owl

Feeling thrilled about our current "Birdbrained/Harebrained" exhibition. Despite a rainy night, we still had over 60 people at the opening, many of them responsible for a myriad of red dots on the gallery walls. The best part is the Audubon Society of Rhode Island's Environmental Education Center will receive 10% of the proceeds (which we hope will help rebuild 200 feet of their wildlife refuge boardwalk in Bristol that burned last month in a wildfire.) Tied in with the exhibition was a visit last Saturday from Anne Dimonti, an Audubon naturalist, who brought an amazingly beautiful barred owl to the gallery backyard. We auctioned off Cole Gerst's fabulous "Owl"screen print and raised more money for the cause. Overall, it was a win for everyone. See photos here of the exhibition and owl event.


Warren, Rhode Island

Spring has finally sprung in New England. The good weather has allowed YES Gallery + Studio to receive a proper paint job. She's looking pretty gorgeous, isn't she? I took a walk around the Historic District the other day and captured some images for those of you who are far flung. Click on the "Photos of Warren" link to the right to see why the locals are happy and my allergies are raging out of control.


Cole Gerst

I totally dig Cole Gerst's silkscreened prints. I love to ponder his juxtaposition of wild animals and power strips. On top of being a thoughtful artist, Cole's a really cool guy. He was born in Georgia and grew up in and around the folk art scene. The raw expression of the artists' work influenced his style and helped inform his job as Art Director for the House of Blues (which, if you don't know, has an AMAZING outsider art collection.) In addition to making original art, Cole designs for his company, option-g. He has created album covers for many of my favorite bands, has a short animated film on the Sundance Channel, and recently designed some sneakers for Vans. (Does the guy sleep??) Cole's screenprint "Owl" will be auctioned off this weekend as part of our "Birdbrained/Harebrained" exhibition. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island. For more information about "Owl" or Cole Gerst's work please contact YES Gallery + Studio at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com or (401) 245-7174.