Jim Henderson

People like to joke with Jim Henderson that he's got a split personality, one that creates unique, formal bronze sculpture inspired by palm trees and ceremonial feather standards of Hawaii, and the other that collects and photographs abandoned doll heads and turns the images into ethereal, glowing shadowboxes. Jim doesn't seem to mind the joke, and, in fact, moves effortlessly through a variety of sculptural media and processes, (the common denominator of which, by the way, is sandblasting.) Jim's bronze work starts with a single piece of wood cut into, and out of, with a variety of saws to bring out the texture and grain intrinsic to the wood. The shadowboxes come from a different place. Jim says, “Nearly twenty years ago, I began picking up dolls found on the streets of Brockton. They had been lying there for some time, broken, run over, rained on, covered with dirt and grime. I was both confused and saddened by their battered condition and abandonment. Years later, I began to use the dolls in my work, creating for them protective granite and steel shelters. I was touched by their innocent beauty despite their past neglect.” For more information about Jim Henderson's work please contact YES Gallery + Studio at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com or (401) 245-7174.

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