New work by Jessica Gonacha!

"We're Right Under the Surface" mixed media 6"x8" $175.00 (Swimming upstream. Can't we all relate?)

This title melts my heart, "I'm Trying to Say it So You Can Hear" (or maybe that's the Global Warming in action?) 6"x8" $150.00

"Let Go of Your Tears" Mixed media 6"x8" $150.00 (Any yogi worth her weight in salt would want this painting in her house!)

"Camp Out" 9"x12" mixed media $265.00 (I'd like to BE this woman right now sleeping out under the stars. Not to mention the Japanese inspired fabric making up her tent.)

"Bath Time" Mixed Media 9"x12" $235.00 (I'm a sucker for a bird-faced kid.)

"Gratitude" Mixed Media 6"x6" $150.00 (Love the colors and such a sweet sentiment.)

...And, folks, there's more where these came from. If you want to see the rest email me at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com!


Tonight! The Fabulous Jenee Halstead!

If you don't believe me that a free concert by Jenee Halstead in a small intimate space is a special treat, just listen to what the critics have to say.... "It's Halstead's voice that makes The River Grace stand out. She treads in Alison Krauss/Patty Griffin territory with vocals that ache, whisper, and resonate,” says a review by Minor 7th. Or how 'bout this one from On Tap Review, "The River Grace may well be the first movements of a rising star.” And then there's this from Northeast Performer magazine, “Halstead has been compared to such greats as Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin. Her sound carries the dusty spirit of old country folk but with a modern, young and fast-pasted twist." So be there tonight or be four equal sides of a geometric shape. 6:00 - 7:30 in the gallery backyard. Oh yeah, there's also beer, hot chocolate and cookies. Convinced yet? Make a reservation! (401) 245-7174.


Tomorrow! The Providence Open Market!!

Last minute blog post, but I know you're out there, my diligent cyber-friends. This is for those of you in the southern NE vicinity. Tomorrow (9/13) we'll be at the super groovy Providence Open Market along with oodles of awesome artists and crafters. We hope you can sneak over for a peek. Here's the skinny - it's 11:00 to 5:00 p.m., Rain or Shine, and it takes place in Lippitt Park (on the corner of Blackstone Blvd and Hope Street.) You can find out more details by clicking here. (By the way, if you walk up to me and say "I am a Monkey Lover." I will give you 10% off your entire purchase!)


Photos of Patterns/Textures Exhibit!

We had a blast Friday night at our Patterns/Textures opening reception. Lots of people (familiar and new), great homemade food, and some happy art buyers - of course. Sadly, no pictures were taken. But! You can see the beautiful show (sans people) right here on our Flickr page. Notice I changed it up a bit by painting a big, bold racing stripe down the prominent wall. I felt I needed to pop Maija and Sofia's little and luscious work. Successful? Dunno. You tell me...


Inside the Artist Studio: Q&A with SOFIA BARAO

Our latest blog series is a nod to James Lipton.... Inside the Artist Studio. Here we'll be interviewing some of our YES artists and finding out what makes them tick. Our inaugural interview kicks off with the lovely French artist Sofia Barao. Sofia is featured in our upcoming show, PATTERNS/TEXTURES, which opens this Friday (see earlier post.) I didn't have the pleasure of flying to France for our interview (sad), so instead we emailed. Here's what Sofia had to say about her artmaking process and inspirations...

YES Gallery: What is your first memory around making art?

Sofia Barao: I remember doing art at home with my sister and giving all my neighbors tons of drawings. I don't think they were as happy as I was about receiving them all the time.

YG: Why collage? Where do you find your papers and photos?

SB: I don't know why collage, only that when I saw the artwork of (Kurt) Schwitters I loved it and decided to try it and to know more about it. A few years later I took classes with a painter and learned some more techniques. I've always been very attracted to the past. I can't think about the future without thinking about the past. Because of this I've been collecting old books, documents, photos, lace and clothes to make something with them one day and that day finally happened. I work with this treasures I find at flea markets. I love flea markets.

YG: Biggest influence(s)?

SB: I'm a big big fan of Christian Boltanski, Rauschenberg and Schwitters. I guess my biggest inspiration is Time that passes. The Time we can't hold on to and the traces he leaves behind.

YG: Why is art important to the world?

SB: Art is food for the soul, and I guess this phrase tells it all.

YG: Are you a full-time artist?

SB: I work at a museum when I'm not doing art. I work there part-time (afternoons) and I love to be able to have a daily contact with people and art and at the same time to have my mornings to do my work.

YG: What else do you do in your spare time?

SB: In my spare time I love to write, poetry, mostly. I also love to just do simple things like shopping (especially in Paris), going out with my husband or just to stay at home with a good cup of tea, reading.

YG: Tell me about the town you live in, Ile-de-France.

SB: It's a beautiful small town, outside Paris, between a forest and a river. Trees, flowers everywhere and a very old church from 1500. I love to live here as if I take the car or the train in 45 minutes I'll be looking at the Eiffel Tower in the middle of a big city like Paris.

YG: Have you been to America?

SB: No, but it's a dream of mine since I was 12, especially New England but I'll have to deal with my fear of flying for more than 2 hours first :)