New work by Jessica Gonacha!

"We're Right Under the Surface" mixed media 6"x8" $175.00 (Swimming upstream. Can't we all relate?)

This title melts my heart, "I'm Trying to Say it So You Can Hear" (or maybe that's the Global Warming in action?) 6"x8" $150.00

"Let Go of Your Tears" Mixed media 6"x8" $150.00 (Any yogi worth her weight in salt would want this painting in her house!)

"Camp Out" 9"x12" mixed media $265.00 (I'd like to BE this woman right now sleeping out under the stars. Not to mention the Japanese inspired fabric making up her tent.)

"Bath Time" Mixed Media 9"x12" $235.00 (I'm a sucker for a bird-faced kid.)

"Gratitude" Mixed Media 6"x6" $150.00 (Love the colors and such a sweet sentiment.)

...And, folks, there's more where these came from. If you want to see the rest email me at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com!

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