Michael Perrone

I met Michael Perrone years ago on Block Island and have totally enjoyed seeing his work evolve over the years. Let me say up front, photos do not do his work justice. It is such a visual treat. He's taken the definition of painting and pushed its boundaries. Michael starts with a piece of aluminum then starts to create planes of space by taping off edges, scraping off pieces of paint, cutting up old paintings and integrating them into the new work, recycling the paint covered tape into the work, and even scraping out the bottom of his paint cans and gluing the dried, curled bits back onto the painting.

His landscapes are inspired by sights he sees while driving and he's particularly interested in the juxtaposition of manmade and natural objects. Michael says he's attempting "to create images which evoke the dissonance of the contemporary American landscape," and aiming "to displace conventional notions of the sublime, and instead, revel in the beauty of the man-made world." Michael has had several solo shows in New York City, received awards for his work, and been featured in publications such as 'The New Yorker, O at Home and Elle Decor. He is also on faculty at the University of Iowa. For more information about Michael Perrone's work contact YES Gallery + Studio at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com or call (401) 245-7174.

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