Inside the Artist Studio: Q&A with 9 ITTY/BITTY Artists!

Nine tremendous ITTY/BITTY artists - Keith Maddy, Jenni Freidman, Laura McCabe, Jessica Gonacha, Yellena James, Alyn Carlson, Sarah Symes, Kathrine Lovell, and Susan Schwake - answered my interview questions, weighing in on everything from why art is important to the world to what they do in their spare time. The answers are inspiring! Because my efforts to create an expandable blog post were fruitless, I had to create a separate blog to link to this interview. You can read the artists' awesome answers by clicking here. For more info about our ITTY/BITTY Artists please contact us at (401) 245-7174 or by email at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.


ITTY/BITTY Images online!

PHEW!! Who knew that receiving, inventorying, hanging, celebrating, photographing and uploading 172 pieces of art would be so exhilarating and so... exhausting! WOW. Next year I will be hiring a team of high strung elves to help me. Our reception last Friday night was a huge smashing success with over 100 people through this little space and more than 22 purchases. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the amazing artists and art-lovers who make YES Gallery + Studio a wonderful place to work! Above is my favorite moment of the night. My young friend Eli buying his first piece of art with his allowance money no less. What a smart guy!

Below is a list of our fabulous ITTY/BITTY artists. If you click on each of their names it will bring you to a Flickr image of their work. (Be sure to click forward or backward in the photostream to see all their images.) If you are interested in purchasing work, please call the gallery at (401) 245-7174 or email us at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com. Again, all work is 9"x9" or less and under $495. Enjoy!

Alyn Carlson - abstract mixed media paintings
Andy Suriano - mixed media paintings of harlequins
Bri Johnson - photo collages
Candis Dixon - ceramics and assemblage
Cindy Kelly - cloud paintings
Cecilia Mendez - paper collage
Cole Caswell- photo scans
Chris Crites - painted mugshots
Cynthia Guild - traffic paintings
Doug Desjardins - animal paintings
Christopher Flanagan- digital photos
Marsha Balian - assemblage
Jessica George - abstract paintings
Julianna Swaney- ink drawings of wolves, etc.
Jenni Freidman - graphite drawings of leaves & shadows
Jessica Gonacha - colorful mixed media paintings
John Foraste - photos of nature & buildings
Justin Richel - gouaches of pastries
Jyll Ethier-Mullen - colorful paintings of bird, bees & more
Karen Miller - assemblages with little metal chairs
Katie Burnett- abstract cyanotype photos
Keith Maddy - abstract mixed media paintings
Kevin Gora - drawings of craigslist ads
Kathrine Lovell - bird paintings & assemblage
Laura McCabe - ink drawings of trees & houses
Macy Chadwick- letterpress map prints
Margie Butler - paintings on seed packets, etc.
Mark Baker - macroscopic photos
Megyn Craine - defaced family photos
Nicole McConville - assemblage
Rachel Austin - paintings on maps
Sara Argue - illustrations of 'Cosmicomics'
Seamus Hames - mixed media paintings
Shannon Rankin - birds made of maps singing songs of thread
Sofia Barao - Collage paintings
Stephanie DosReis - mixed media paintings
Susan Schwake - "Hidden Life of Fruit" paintings
Sarah Symes - colorful textile "paintings"
Trey Speegle - inspired by paint-by-numbers
Yellena James - amoebic looking ink drawings