Coming soon... 1st Annual ITTY/BITTY Invitational!

Clear your calendar for the evening of Friday November 7th. You will not want to miss this. We've got 35 amazing artists from around the country participating in our first annual ITTY/BITTY Invitational. All the artists have made original work that is 9"x9" or less (in some cases far, far less. Like Justin Richel's ridiculously wee 1"x2" painting of a stack of cakes) and the pieces are all... drum roll please... LESS than $495. Super affordable and super beautiful. I dare say it's my favorite combo. Participating artists include some tried and true YES favorites such as Rachel Austin, Jenni Freidman, and Sarah Symes, as well as some esteemed guests like Trey Speegle, Yellena James, Susan Schwake, and Julianna Swaney. Soon I'll be posting a Flickr page with images of all the work, so if you can't get here you can at least take advantage of this unique opportunity. As usual, 5% of our proceeds go to non-profits and for this show we're pleased to support RI Citizens for the Arts. The show runs through December 21st. For more information call (401) 245-7174 or email us at yesgalleryandstudio@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about the show next week. I have three splendid new paintings to hang that are ripe for the picking and priced just right. Warblers. We will be there for the usual fun time at the opening night reception!


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be anonymous...It's me, Kathrine Lovell. xxoK

susan said...

wonderfully exciting leigh! thanks for the invite... so so SO wish we could come down.
best wishes,

jess gonacha said...

YAY! It's going to be such a great show. Hope you sell out right away!

(and yes, I was bummed about GA, but excited that CO went for Obama-- wish I still lived there!)

nicole mcconville said...

i do hope this will happen again, as i would love to participate next time around. sounds delightful.

Buffalo Nickel said...

Hope my daughter can participate next year. Check out her teeny tiny valentine letters at worldssmallestpostalservice.com She is a performance artist (and takes web orders) writing tiny letters and cards and sealing with wax. Too cute!