GALLERY PRACTICES: Being a Good Doobie

As I new business I haven't had much extra time, money or energy to spare, but I've tried to put a few things in place that align to my moral and spiritual compass. First, all exhibitions at YES have a charitable tie-in. We give 5% of our sales proceeds to non-profits. In just a few short months we've been able to contribute money to the Audubon Society of RI Educational Center, The Manton Avenue Project, and now Save the Bay. I heard Suze Orman say that if the first check you write every month is a donation you'll feel abundant. So far so good. The other thing we try to do as much as possible is to use recycled and re-used packaging when shipping or transporting work. We keep our lights off if no one's in the gallery and we use non-toxic cleaning products. The other cool thing I just discovered is the World Community Grid. When the gallery computer is idle it becomes part of the largest public computing grid to benefit humanity. I can't explain further, since I'm technologically illiterate but you can read about it here. If you are a business, or have any suggestions for "being a good doobie" please let us know!

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SarahSymes said...

I think you're doing a wonderful job Leigh! I admire what you've achieved in such a short time. I only wish I was closer to attend your events! ~SS