Birds, Bunnies, and an Owl

Feeling thrilled about our current "Birdbrained/Harebrained" exhibition. Despite a rainy night, we still had over 60 people at the opening, many of them responsible for a myriad of red dots on the gallery walls. The best part is the Audubon Society of Rhode Island's Environmental Education Center will receive 10% of the proceeds (which we hope will help rebuild 200 feet of their wildlife refuge boardwalk in Bristol that burned last month in a wildfire.) Tied in with the exhibition was a visit last Saturday from Anne Dimonti, an Audubon naturalist, who brought an amazingly beautiful barred owl to the gallery backyard. We auctioned off Cole Gerst's fabulous "Owl"screen print and raised more money for the cause. Overall, it was a win for everyone. See photos here of the exhibition and owl event.

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