Why Yes?

When mulling over names for the gallery I came up with a random and various assortment of words. I wanted something short and snappy. I wanted something that spoke more to a concept and less to a specific image. Mainly I was inspired by Yoko Ono's "Ceiling Painting (YES Painting) 1966" (pictured here.) You can read about that piece here and its relevance to her relationship with John Lennon. This is a quote by Yoko that I think is great, “There have been so many negative elements in my life, and in the world. I had to balance that by activating the 'Yes' element. 'Yes' is an expression that I always carried and will continue to carry." I also loved the idea of someone driving down Water Street, mulling over a decision, then looking up to see the word 'YES' on the gallery building. Who knows what things could come of such a bold "sign"? At any rate, I hope 'YES' is an expression the gallery will carry from here on out. As in "Yes, I love it." "Yes, It's perfect." "Yes, I'll take it."

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Ernesto said...

lokks awesome leigh! congrats!an't make it to the opening gala, but will get there this summer if possible. best, e.lopez